Wow! I need everything I have learned to get flowing around my latest challenge!!!

About nine o’clock last night, on New Years Eve, I had what I saw as a huge block come up for me. How was I going to write the book proposal for Hay House without my ADHD medicine??

I received a letter from my prescription insurance that they are no longer covering Vyvanse, which is my ADHD medicine!!! How was I going to focus? How was I going to afford it!? Was there another option!? If there is, both adderall and dextroamphetamine make me jittery as shit. Plus it’s after the new year and I have to pay my entire cost of my psychiatrist visit again? How can I afford $90 for that now that I will have to discuss a new option for medicine with her? Plus the book proposal is due in 19 Days!!! Plus I am waiting on approval for my requested time off at work! I am scheduled for EIGHT 12 hour days in between now and then also!!

I had to find my center before midnight. I was not going into a new year in a negative state of mind. Here’s what happened ….


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